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Balsamic Pearls By Don Giovanni Ponte Vecchio

They may look like caviar, but these flavor-packed orbs are balsamic vinegar pearls, and they are ready to take your next dish to a new level. These small balls with a liquid core are made ??of balsamic and are 100% vegetal, without gelatin or ingredients of animal origin. Obtained by spherification of dark and white balsamic condiments, balsamic pearls will instantly upgrade your charcuterie boards, cheese plates, salads, risottos and pastas.

Acetaia leonardi has been producing balsamic vinegar since the mid-19th century. They source all their grapes from their own vineyards and control every step in producing their balsamic vinegar. Grapes are picked by hand and gently pressed to prevent bitterness and the process of transforming the cooked grape juice, or grape must, into aged vinegar has been passed down from father to son for generations. Net weight: 50 g/1.76 oz

Made in Italy
Shelf life: 12-24 months

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